Summer Jobs For Teachers

School is out!! Teachers and students alike will rejoice at those 3 words!
Unfortunately, in this day and age, many teachers will not be able to enjoy the typical 3 months off between school years. Instead they may find themselves in need of a job due to money issues, or even because they may find themselves bored after even just a few weeks of nothing to do!

Whether you are looking to make extra money, or just want to have something to do with your time over the summer, there are plenty of paid jobs or volunteer opportunities that would be perfect for a teacher.

Summer camp position – This type of position can either be paid, or on a volunteer basis. It really all depends on the stress level you are looking for, as well as whether or not you are looking for extra money. As a teacher, you will most likely be qualified for a higher position, which would in turn pay more. Also, one of the reasons you probably went into teaching in the first place is because you love being around children, and what is more fun than being with them in a different kind of outlet, being able to teach them different kinds of outdoor experiences.

Nanny – Either for friends of yours, or for a family you have not yet met, being a paid nanny for the summer would be quite satisfying! You get the enjoy all the wonderful things summer has to offer, and you could even offer to be a tutor for their children as well! Everyone wins!

Activities Assistant/Director – Work/volunteer at the local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club as an activities assistant/director. Being able to teach on a different level than the classroom would be fulfilling for you and for the children, and may even benefit by picking up a few of the ideas that you can bring back with you for the next school year.
Teach a Workshop – Do you have a particular skill that you would like to continue to hone during the summer? Teach a workshop, be it to children or adults, and give something back to your community. The pay may be low, if anything at all, but it would be a great use of your time, and would greatly benefit all those involved.

Start your own business – Sure, it may not be profitable now, but an entrepenuar has to start somewhere! Use the skills you have obtained through your years of education and classroom work to build up your own business. Even though it may not be bringing in money now, it would give you a sense of achievement, as well as something to hopefully lean back on if you find yourself out of a job early, or due to lay-off.

Whatever it is you choose to do, remember that the skills you have as an educator are admirable! Anything you can give back to your community would be so much appreciated!

Those Expensive Discs Are Too Much

Learn Brazilian Portuguese | AusdrückeI am a college sophomore and for my junior year, I have the chance to be able to fly down to Portugal to study there for an entire semester. I can not believe the chance that I have to study abroad and I am very excited. I wanted to learn how to speak Portuguese and I was looking at those really expensive discs to see if I would be able to afford them, as they are really good at teaching you how to learn a language but they were too expensive. I found brazilian portuguese online courses that were still not cheap, but they were really worth the money and they were as interactive as the discs were. My friends are all here at the college with their parents paying their tuition and it is a very expensive private school, I need financial aid to be able to go here so it is kind of hard for me to be able to afford a lot of the things that they are able to get with no problem.

My mom said that she would pay for the online program to help me because she thought that I should have a basic understanding of the language so that I was not so unfamiliar with everything while i was down there. I like that it allowed me to use a head set so that I could speak into the microphone so that the computer could tell me if I was saying the phrase right or wrong. There are a lot of people that I know that would like to be able to do this kind of thing so I am so happy that I am able to go and study in a country where there is so much to offer a person of my age.

Bookkeeper Job

A person choosing this career will have a number of jobs to choose from. These jobs offer reasonable salaries, benefits and a good amount of job security. You can find virtual accountant jobs on the internet and classified listings, including yellow pages. Some enjoy freelance jobs on the side together with being able to maintain fulltime jobs.

While on the other hand, you can register with freelancing websites, which have numerous openings for virtual bookkeepers. Both majors will give them the skills they need, however, many companies prefer bookkeepers with a background in accounting. Large enterprises employ a whole team of bookkeepers, each specializing in a particular segment of the financial books. Therefore the overhead cost of the accountant bookkeepers is minimized.

Businesses all over the world have seen the benefits of outsourcing. Individual bookkeepers are employed in small-scale businesses while large enterprises employ the services of whole auditing or bookkeeping firms to keep their finances in order. Bookkeeping is a kind of accounting providers which can be required for every business as well as businesses in lots of ways than a single. Bookkeepers are employed to maintain the financial books of businesses ranging from small-scale to large enterprises.

Others have coupled basic courses with units in business studies to be able to secure higher positions like top management seats. A virtual accountant works with companies and individuals by helping them maintain business records remotely, including calculating and paying taxes and running payrolls. Many companies and individuals, who hire virtual bookkeepers, do so to save on business running costs. Those individuals that practice bookkeeping for any type of business must pass a certification exam in order to become licensed.

Bookkeepers can also earn credentials, such as certification from recognized organizations. Strong computer skills are also important, because almost all organizations maintain their financial records and reports using accounting software. Comments (*)
The management of an organizations financial record is an integral part to their success. Currently, there are only two major organizations within the United States that offer certification for bookkeeping.

Sometimes a virtual accountant is also the virtual assistant, which means that the more skills you have the higher the chances of finding good employment and for the long term. Bookkeepers are sometimes called accounting clerks or auditing clerks. Oftentimes, an individual because the owner or perhaps operator postpone entering the periods bills right up until right afte. Should you work tirelessly you will generate more and if you choose fewer clientele then your bookkeeping jobs will provide you with far more spare time, yet less income.

Traditionally, accountants work from physical offices, however, things are changing, and we have more and more accountants working virtually. Some accountants will offer other financial services like financial planning and recommendations for good investment vehicles. They prefer to work with freelance accountants because this helps them save on expenses that include staff benefits, and paying staff taxes on behalf. This can be simple for some organizations as the bookkeeper and the accountant are usually the same individual.

Bookkeepers’ associations too offer online or any other types of bookkeeper’s courses. Accounting and financial courses include different types of accounting, payroll, taxes and information systems. A few of the neighborhood colleges have courses on bookkeeping that can be used to your benefit. Remember that there are a number of bookkeeping training courses available.

Ba-global techniques can match with none of the companies registration and formation techniques. There are many companies who do not earn the expected profit just because lots of money goes on salaries of the accounting professionals. Those prepared and presented by institutions, those done by software companies, and those done by websites specific to bookkeeping. Companies join us as our reputation is growing fast through our industry.

You might opt to work for a specialized bookkeeping agency, should you this then they will likely have a portfolio of clientele which they provide bookkeeping services to. Many young people graduate from college and seek out jobs with different bookkeeping services. A bookkeeping job is very flexible and a person choosing this career should find many options available to meet their needs. This is an article about YOU taking an introductory course on HOW BOOKKEEPING WORKS.

College Dorm Checklist

Such things are small things that we often overlook as we pack for our dorms leaving our homes seeking out a new life in the unknown world. If you or your child is heading to college this year and staying in the dorms, you need a guide for decorating the dorm room. Most schools (like 3 out of 4) who offer dorms use extra long dorm beds. If you or your child is heading to college this year and staying in the dorms, you need a guide for decorating the dorm room.

Here are some organizing tips for dorm rooms. With college students recently headed back to school, this is the time of year for decorating dorm rooms. Many students complain about the “florescent lighting” in dorm rooms, so show up with a lamp and you'll be good to go. The most common, non-accidental cause of dormitory fires is cooking in the dorm rooms.

*Microwave: Some colleges allow these, while others don’t. The Microwave has often been called the college students survival stove because it fits easily into the dorm and provides the student with the capability of fixing warm foods. If you (or a loved one) are headed off to college for the first time, here’s a shopping list of essential items to help you adjust to dorm life. Therefore, the comforter is one of the most important items you will purchase when decorating your college dorm room.

These are some points of a checklist for moving students. Another category of moving students is the ones who are for the first time leaving their family and going to live alone because of studies. Now in reality some students can get away with a 'normal' sized twin comforter on their twin xl beds. So aside from being durable and long lasting to take a beating – there are ways to help these students out.

There is no need to waste any space in your dorm by bringing any digital items you can store on your hard drive. Too Many Clothes – Make sure to leave closet space for other items that will help organize, such as plastic drawers, baskets, and things of that nature. Items like, a dorm room alarm, a personal alarm and even pepper spray. This X-Long twin bedding is only an additional 5 inches in length and applies to some items on your bed.

Keep the equipment clean at all times and remove all grease from its surfaces. Keep the appliance clean at all times, make sure it is in proper working order, and confirm the power cord is UL listed and not frayed or broken. Keep in mind that your bed will be multi-functional, serving as a desk, sofa, and sometimes dining table. There is also pepper spray for those times when the noise doesn’t scare them off or for when there’s no one around to hear the noise.

Some schools are known for having 5 star cuisines while others have food that is barely edible. Schools prohibit certain cooking appliances; and for good reason. However, some schools discourage using cinder blocks and you'll find that they don't provide that much extra space. 1 great example of an substitute school education is the on-line accounting training course which are currently provided by numerous online schools.

There are many things that you can do to help improve your dorm room décor that is both inexpensive and fun. It is absolutely necessary to know things like your dorm room dimensions or the size of your bed before you begin purchasing room accessories. Therefore, you have to make a list of only those items and things which are basic needs of daily routine such as mattress, blanket, shoes, clothes, towels, bathing items, etc. Today, I wanted to write you a little checklist on the things that you should consider for your dorm room.

With small spaces, there is no room for disorganization. With small spaces, there is no room for disorganization. With small spaces, there is no room for disorganization. With small spaces, there is no room for disorganization.

The campus and school buildings can also be dangerous places if we do not use common sense or practice awareness. In the confined space, it will be nearly impossible to place your candle in a safe place away from flammable items.

How to Find Cheap Text Books For College

As if college tuition wasn’t expensive enough, the cost of college textbooks continues to be a huge expense for students around the country.  Although this is somewhat unavoidable, there is some good news—in the past decade, the ability of the internet to level the playing field has generally made textbooks less expense and more accessible than ever.  Here are some basic tips to finding cheap textbooks for college this year!

  • The average price range for textbooks are from $80 to $100.  Be ready for this and you can avoid some initial sticker shock!
  • Bookgator provides the social forum to buy, sell, trade, borrow and share both new and used versions of most textbooks needed on college campuses today.
  • Buy early!  Whether campus bookstore or online bookstore, tt is important to get there early enough to beat the rush of students looking for books.
  • Rent text books.  Many campus bookstores are also now renting textbooks.
  • Try to select your classes as early as possible.  This will give you a chance to hit the bookstores before most other students.
  • Chegg offers really low rental prices and you do not even have to pay for shipping fees.
  • Well established auction websites are now implementing college textbooks sales into their website.  Don’t forget to factor in any shipping and handling fees when comparing total costs to buying from a bookstore on campus.
  • Book comparison sites are a great way to find low prices.
  • Try the online version of your local university bookstore.  Many times the same exact books are cheaper.
  • As a general rule, college textbook prices online will always be cheaper than the bookstores.  Ensure the correct publication version before purchase.
  • Trade textbooks with other students at your school or other schools.  Investigate book trading options organized through your school.
  • Consider using older editions of the book.  These may be cheaper and/or more available than the current editions, and contain 99% of the same information.  Be careful though as sometimes sample questions in the book change with the edition.
  • Due to changing course work each semester, it is not uncommon for books to not even be accepted back at all.  This is perhaps another reason to consider renting over buying.  Confirm with your book renter that they will accept the book back no matter what.
  • There are many publishers who offer educational textbooks online at real great discount rates when compared to other stores where you can find in your locale.
  • Consider buying and selling books from online resources such as Amazon.
  • eBook rental is also more recommended especially in courses wherein textbooks will only be used for several weeks or months.
  • Don’t forget to look in your local city library! Often they do have copies of textbooks available for long-term check-out
  • Look at bookstores from other colleges in your area.  Many use the same books.
  • If you buy most of your books online, in bulk, the price will drop significantly, as shipping is the largest expense of these books!
  • Read the descriptions clearly for the condition of the book and inspect the textbook well if you buy from a local off campus bookstore.
  • Schools sometimes offer the sale of books at cheap prices, or rather subsidized prices for students.  Remember to ask for the student discount.
  • When you are looking for a way to get college books, you should look online before rushing to the college bookstore.
  • Companies like BigWords have served a lot of students in helping them search for used textbooks and sell them at a much cheaper price.
  • Since Amazon has a high profile, and is probably the most familiar online bookstore, it is the initial stop for a lot of book vendors, aiming to place inventory.
  • The book trade service will match students with other students to exchange textbooks.

School Supply List – Tips to Get Through It This School Year!

The phrase, “Back to School”, instills fear and loathing for many parents.  One of the many tasks in preparing your child for another year of learning and fun is buying the right school supplies.  Here are some quick tips to help you this season:


  • Almost all stores–discount retailers, drug stores or dollar stores—are sure to have school supplies.  Don’t just go to the big chains.
  • Aside from the basics, blending in interesting school supplies can easily assist keep your kid inspired to do homework and study at-home.
  • If you are on a very tight budget, consider “Wish List 4 Kids”, an organization dedicated to helping parents and children create online wish lists for all sorts of occasions.
  • The supplies may vary on the grade your child is entering—don’t assume they will only need the same supplies as last year
  • Many schools offer a second life, such as backpacks, glues, notebooks, binders, folders, and even pens from the year before.  Just ask!
  • Always teach your children to take responsibility of their things, like keeping track of their calculators, clipboards, and most especially pens.
  • If you have more than one kid going to school; online purchase of school supplies can be the most economical option.  Just make sure to order well in advance to account for shipping time.
  • Your kids may want the most expensive supplies.  Try giving them a budget.  This will teach them an important lesson and lower your costs.
  • Just because it is a new year does not mean everything has to be brand new, so utilize the items that survived the last school year!
  • In the down season (after the school year has started), stock up on the supplies you know they will need later in the year or in coming years.  Prices will drop when stores put extra merchandise on clearance.
  • Many schools have an open house either right before school starts or soon after school begins.  This is a perfect place to ask for a supply list.
  • A good general rule: quality over quantity.  You may spend a little extra money to buy quality school supplies at the time of purchase; however you will save money overall by doing so.
  • With all of the books and back to school supplies that students have to haul around, having a good backpack is not only handy to have, but actually an essential.  Don’t skimp on the backpack!
  • When buying pencils, remember that #2 are the type most required for standardized test taking.  When in doubt, always go with a #2 pencil.
  • As long as it is of good quality the brand name does not matter.
  • Watch for back to school sales and coupons in newspapers and internet listings
  • The most basic school supplies that are called for every year are pens, pencils, and sometimes crayons or markers.
  • If you need to shop for school supplies you need to get it as cheap as you can.
  • Choose the best time to go out and shop–day or night, from the comfort of the home or office.  Avoid peak times like after 5pm during the week or on weekends.